Get Ready To Make Money Online In 2019

Get Ready To Make Money Online In 2019

Hi there and welcome to my website.

My name’s David and on this site we are looking at all things related to making money online, and specifically affiliate marketing.

I am putting together a series of articles and videos on how best to prepare yourself and get ready to make money online in 2019.

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Preparing The Mind

You are here because you would like to make money online. I would like to ask you, if your mindset is in the right place to make money online? I can help with this by sharing my experience to date.

I have spent the last 6 months looking into the skills and knowledge required to equip yourself with to start making money online. It may seem too early for you to talk about 2019, but it really isn’t that far off. To learn the skills that you require to start an online business is going to take time.

As well as the time it is about your mindset and mentally being ready to apply yourself to the task ahead. To be able to make money online you will need to learn a set of skills. A robust skill set.

Making money online is no different to working a regular job trading time for money. In terms of needing skills and knowledge to deliver your role. So whatever you are doing now and whatever level you are at. It has taken time from when you first joined your company or started in your profession. To the position you are in now. Or if you have had a career path the position you aspired to and the position you have now reached.

Think about how you applied yourself and what you have learnt to get to this position.

Therefore, if we truly want to make money online we have to learn and develop our skill set to be able to do this. From my experience this will not happen overnight!

I know that you have seen offers and propositions that promise to deliver riches immediately. These systems are not genuine and some may offer a way to earn limited revenue. But the bulk of these systems and offers are not training you to build long term success. My focus for Online Wealth Now is to show and support people how to build a long term sustainable business.

Laying the foundation of skills and knowledge. So once you have these tools you can use them to create a business in any niche or any online business model.

Are you Ready?

A key factor to success is your mindset. If you have already conducted any research into online business ventures and making money from home you maybe aware of the success rate. Unfortunately this number doesn’t make pretty reading. The number given is 1 – 4% of people who start an online business such as affiliate marketing, or drop shipping make a success of it and make long term profit. So for example if 100 people read this article and they all started a business online given current statistics only 1 or 2 of them would achieve success.

Its is important that we consider why this statistic is so low. So if you are truly serious one you are aware of it and two you can make sure you become one of the successes. In my opinion it is because you don’t know what you don’t know at this stage!

Over the last 6 months I have learnt what I didn’t know.

I believe that a major key to success lays in your thoughts and emotions, maintaining focus and taking small steps to progress each and every day.

Are you ready to put in the work and learning to prepare yourself to make real money online in 2019?

Time To Learn, Time To Grow

Be prepared to structure your learning and time.

I think a lot of people embark on starting an online venture thinking it is easier than it actually is. Now is not by any means rocket science so please don’t get me wrong. However, you do need to invest a significant amount of time and effort in your business.

The work is in the learning and then onto producing content on whatever platform you choose to generate as much traffic as possible. Whether that platform it is YouTube videos, building a website and posting content such as this article, or creating a Facebook group and promoting products or services there.

To be able to create this content takes time, knowledge and skills.

Its is also important that you are aware that it takes time to become recognized and attract a following or traffic to your content. Perhaps for the first 30, 60 or 90 days of posting content you are going to be creating content as frequently as possible. This maybe daily, 4 or 3 times per week.

I wouldn’t recommend creating content less than 3 times a week in this initial phase. You will be creating content aiming to get your message into your niche for whatever product or service you are selling or promoting out into the world.

The Grind Phase

For this initial time period of 30 – 90 days you will be putting in a lot of work and grinding through this phase. I can share with you from my experience and that of associates that this time can be very frustrating.

Because you are putting in a lot of time and work into your content. But is your website, You Tube channel or Facebook group attracting visitors, views or members, at a level you hoped for?

You need to know this so you are ready to stay mentally strong during this period and continue to produce content consistently.

Making Time

Are you ready to create the time to do this? We all have families and relationships. Perhaps you are working and also have young children. Maybe you are a member of a sports club or team, playing golf or football. All of these things that make up our lives take time.

If you commit to taking this journey to build an online business and create online wealth now time will be your most valuable resource.

You will need to create and put allotted time aside to invest in your learning and developing skills.

I will share with you in a future article where and how to focus your learning. In addition, you will need to create content on your chosen to platform. You will be investing and putting all of this time and effort into your business without any reward.

As I have you will need to have unwavering belief in what you are doing. That it is right, that you can make a success of what you are creating.

You have 100% belief in your niche, product or service. That the monetary reward for what you are doing will come in the future.

Keep On Keeping On

To recap the process isn’t difficult and everyone is capable of learning it. The challenge comes in managing yourself and your thoughts. Keeping ourselves motivated and maintaining momentum in our learning and content production will be the main battle.

It at this point where a lot of people give up.

They will start the journey and do the work for a month or two and not see results and they throw in the towel. Or they think there is a better opportunity and move on to the next opportunity (or shinny object). This could be a different system or method, such as Bitcoin, Dropshipping, affiliate marketing or something else.

Its imperative that we remain laser focused and believe in what we have started and what we are doing. Once we have chosen a niche and a platform we stick with it and believe that success will come.

Thank you for reading my experience and learning that I wanted to share with you on how to get ready for 2019. Look out for the next article or video where we will continue to get you prepared to start a successful online business in 2019 and change your life.


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