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Hello and welcome to my site Online Wealth Now. My name is David and I make my living as an affiliate marketer.

When I started my journey researching how to start a business online in early 2018, I fell in love with the possibilities and opportunity affiliate marketing offers to normal people like you and I.

However, I have also observed how difficult it can be to get started for the newcomer. The internet feels like the old wild west at times.

So many claims of this is the best system and we will make you rich quick and you will not even have to work more than 10 minutes a day. These type of pitches make an online business sound too good to be true. This part of the online business opportunity arena makes me uncomfortable. As its is so easy to be drawn into these claims due to our desire to succeed and learn the required skills.

What I can tell you here and now is that an online business is like any business in the physical world. It will take time and consistent effort working towards your goals. I want to share with you what works best to create your online business with honesty and integrity and at all times remain true to myself.

My Early Years

Growing up I had my mindset on some fairly nontraditional types of employment. I was always outside riding my bike or skateboard trying to do things that would have health and safety going mad these days. I wanted to be a stuntman in the films doing crazy things on motorbikes or cars. Jumping off of flaming buildings, landing safely on one of those big air bags. Or failing that there was always becoming an astronaut and walking on the moon and heading off to the stars.

Quite rightly in retrospect the careers officer at school didn’t support these aspirations. I also didn’t see eye to eye with the careers officer and the direction he was ready to push me in. So I decided to stay on at school and continue my studies. I am comfortable to share with you that I had to work hard and apply myself to my learning. Making the most of my abilities to achieve the results I desired. I spent the next 4 years studying business and specilaised in marketing. Here I am now returning to that specialization after 25 years. But I am jumping ahead in the story so Let’s continue.

Post Education & Out Into The World.

After completing my studies I remained on campus and became assistant manager of the student union bar facility. One of the bonuses of this was that the holidays were the same as a student. But now, instead of having to go out and work to get ready for the next term financially, I had savings and was in a position to enjoy this time. A good friend suggested that we leave England for the summer and go off to Asia. Now at this time the furthest I had ventured was a school trip to France for a week. Here I was just past 20 years old planning a trip halfway around the world in 1991.

That summer I spent 6 weeks traveling in India and Nepal. What a truly amazing experience it was. It opened my eyes to different cultures and how we all live so differently around the world. However, at the heart of things we are all humans and have the same basic needs and desires. Looking back I can see that this time was a defining part of my life and has contributed to who I have become today.

Time For A Change

Once back in England and back to the normal work routine I felt that it was time to change things. My eyes were wide open and the world was full of opportunities that I wanted to explore. So the question was how to make it possible to travel for extended periods of time while earning money? Well at that time it was before digital nomads and a laptop lifestyle, the Internet was in its infancy at this time and not even widely known about. However, there was an answer and that was to train to become a teacher of English as a foreign language. So that just what I did I left my job and attended the training course and left a qualified teacher, so a new chapter began.

The following years were a wonderful experience living in Hungary and France. Teaching English and business English to a wide variety of students. Having a fantastic balance between work and free time to explore and embrace the culture and people of these countries. During these times I had time and sufficient money to live. But as the years passed I began to feel that I had to give up some more time for money and head home to England and start trading time for money.

The years have passed quickly and I have over 15 years experience in the food industry. Half of these have being as production manager for several companies. However over the last 3 years I have faced redundancy on two occasions. This has led me to question the way I would like to earn money and apply my skills and abilities moving forwards.

Here & Now

Its almost like I have opened my eyes for the first time in many years. Questioning trading time for money. Hearing terms such a passive income and many more. This has piqued my interest and led me on the latest path in my working life. So here I am building my affiliate marketing business. Building the foundations for a strong secure long term business. Some skills I already posses, some I am in the process of learning, and I am sure there are skills that I will discover I have to learn on my journey.

Why I am here For You

I know how you are feeling right now as you look for ways to make money online and build a business around a passion or skill set. The early days are difficult to know which way to go. What skills do you need, where can you learn them? Who do you trust and what can you believe. I am going to share with you my honest opinions on what has worked for me and also advise you what to be aware of as you start out.


My passion for an honest and transparent information resource has led me to create this site.

My personal aim is to inform you with the best information and resources to make your dreams a reality.

I simply want to make it easier for anyone looking to enter the world of online opportunities to be able to do so without the worry of being scammed out of your hard-earned money.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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